Timber-Framed Homes

Namīpašumu pārvaldība

A timber-framed home – is the symbol of sustainability and well-being. Due to it's environmental sustainability, shorter construction period, and low price – these houses are very popular all around the world.

We offer environmentally friendly homes and economy-class structures with an area of up to 120 meters in size from quality materials at affordable prices. Corvin Real Estate works with timber of hard-quality wood, according to proven technology, designed especially for cold climates.

Produced from local trees, energy-efficient homes are distinguished for high their durability, reliability and sustainability.

We guarantee a high quality, a unique environment and comfort for your home.

If you are interested in a timber-framed home, contact our specialists, and we can help you choose most optimal choice from either ready-made solutions or building a home according to your individual needs.