Property management

Property management - it is easy and fun! If you entrust it to someone else.

Property management means continuous concern about the property - from paying the bills and finding a suitable tenant to a variety of legal issues.  This service is suitable for people, who are located abroad or who don't have the time or the wish to spend their time looking after the property, yet they want to see stable income, duly paid bills or simply a well-maintained property for a pleasant return during the vacation.

Property management service means that the real estate owner authorises someone else to take care of the important matters regarding their property. When selecting this service, both parties agree all tasks to be carried out.


Corvin Real Estate provides the following services:

  • Property monitoring and regular survey
  • Signing management and utility service agreements
  • Selection of suitable tenant, signing a rental agreement
  • Timely rental and utility payments
  • Record and submission of counters
  • Property insurance, alarm installation
  • Property maintenance, organisation of minor repairs and purchase of furniture and equipment
  • Tax payments, preparation and submission of annual tax declaration
  • Other matters upon agreement


Corvin Real estate management fees:

  • If the property is not rented - from 35 € + VAT/month
  • If the property is rented - from 50 € + VAT/month


Why choose us?

  • Years of experience in property management
  • It will be a pleasant, comfortable and will save your time
  • Complete overview of income and expenditure


Trust us to care for your home! 

Contact our Management Department and order a free price offer for your property.