Temporary residence permits

A temporary residence permit is a document which ensures the right of a foreign citizen to reside in the Republic of Latvia, travel and live in the member states of Schengen area, without limitations, up to 180 days.

A non-resident can receive a residence permit if:

  • it purchases a real estate in Latvia for sum of 250 000 EUR or more
  • transfers 5% of the property purchase sum into the state budget
  • submits documents in compliance with procedures, determined by laws.


If a foreign citizen receives a residence permit, related to purchase of a real estate in Latvia, also the family members – spouse and minor children - can apply for a residence permit.

A residence permit is issued for a period up to 5 years. After five years the non-resident can apply for a new residence permit for another five years, or apply for a permanent residence permit, provided it complies with particular requirements, determined by laws.


Why to cooperate with us, when executing a temporary residence permit?

  1. We carefully follow the entire process of document preparation and execution.
  2. We help to execute and receive necessary documents (health insurance, a reference from a doctor, an assessment of the real estate, references from a bank a. o.).
  3. We reserve time for document submission (submission takes place after a prior appointment).
  4. We help to submit and fill in all documents in the Immigration service.
  5. Each year we follow all terms and performance thereof, by sending reminders to our customers.


Expenses for executing a temporary residence permit

Execution of TRP for all family (up to 5 persons): 1500 EUR

TRP renewal for all family (up to 5 persons): 500 EUR

In addition to execution of documents, the customer shall settle all payments, related to preparation of documents, and state fees for examination of documents.


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