Our company's main value is a professional team showing superior results in each of our projects. Our team spirit and common goals is what  brings us together. Our knowledge and experience are our main tools for our clients' path to success. We are often recommended to friends, and we very much appreciate this. 

  • Aleksandrs Sviridovs


    Mob.:+371 20408045

    Experience: 25 years

    Education: Master of economics

    Language: LV, RU, ENG

  • Jana Sviridova


    Mob.:+371 20408035

    Experience: 18 years

    Education: MBA

    Language: LV, RU, ENG

  • Irina Rogova

    Head of property management

    Mob.:+371 20408013

    Experience: 5 gadi

    Bachelor of economics

    LV, RU, ENG

  • Inga Upmale

    Head of the rental department

    Mob.:+371 20408017

    Experience: 16 years

    Education: Bachelor of sociology

    Language: LV, RU, ENG

  • Ina Goldberga

    Property manager

    Mob.:+371 66220177

    Experience: 8 years

    Education: Lawyer assitant

    Language: LV, RU

  • Germans Germans

    Real Estate agent


    Experience: 6 years

    Language: LV, RU

  • Denis Aleksejevs

    Project manager

    Mob.:+ 371 20408012

    Experience: 2 years

    Languages: LV, RU, ENG

  • Agnese Chivle

    Marketing specialist

    Mob.:+371 66220177

    Bachelor of Journalism

    Language: LV, ENG

  • Jekaterina Titova


    Mob.:+371 66220177

    Experience: 5 years

    Education: Bachelor of economics

    Languages: LV, RU